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Green Solar Panel Energy Collection

by on Jul.31, 2011, under Green, Technology

Green Solar Panel Energy

Green Solar Panel Energy

Clean and green. That seems to be the buzz words of the century. With sky rocketing energy prices, pollution, and dwindling resources, more and more people are looking towards alternative energy sources like solar panel energy collection. Also, the prices of key clean energy technologies are plummeting. This is bringing many technologies, such as distributed solar, and energy storage, closer and closer to mass deployment.

Just look at the cost of solar panels today. Solar panels are approximately 20% below the price that of what they where a year ago! Also best of all, they should continue dropping for the foreseeable future! In other words, the performance/price ratio is improving exponentially. We also see the costs per watt In advanced thin films dropping. Even more dramatic price drops are occurring in battery storage systems across a range of chemistries with prices halving themselves in the the last year. Plummeting prices that translate to rising performance are good news for developers, electric car-makers, the global industry at large, and all the rest of us too.

It may not be long before you can say ‘goodbye’ to that ever increasing, and outrageous, hydro bill we all are paying each month. A quick search of a “well known” auction website for ‘solar panel’ shows that, if you were willing to assemble your own solar panel collection system, you could get started for as little as $1.40/per Watt! Possibly for much less! How many Watts of solar panel energy could your buy with just ONE year’s hydro payments? Imagine how many Watts of solar panel energy you will be able to buy in a year from now!! It is for this reason I have; “Build a solar panel”, down on my list of projects to do. Watch for my future article and “How To” on this solar panel project.

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I got a FREE XBOX!

by on Jul.10, 2011, under Couponing, Maegan's Deals

I am pretty impressed with the website I mentioned in my last blog post, I figured ‘what the heck!’, I’ll try posting in the ‘wanted’ section and see what happens. So I posted that I was looking for a free original XBOX since ours broke recently. I assumed it would be a pretty big long shot that I would get any responses. However, within 48 hours of posting, someone emailed me that they had an original XBOX they did not use anymore that I could have for free. Also at you can post to different ‘groups’ (each group represents a different area in which you live) increasing the chances you will find what you are looking for – for free. The person that contacted me is right here near me – just a few minutes from my house!  I definitely think everyone should check out:

Tell us all just what you were able to get for free or what you gave away for free.
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Just a Buck… Help me to keep finding GREAT deals! 😉
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Great website for free stuff

by on Jul.09, 2011, under Couponing, Maegan's Deals

In my search for free samples and coupons I came across this really great website called Free-cycle.  If you have stuff you want to get rid of for free you can post it on this site, and who ever wants it for free will take it off your hands. Conversely you can browse all the things people are offering, for free of course, and you just might find something you need.  I thought this was a great idea.  The idea is that we are keeping all this stuff out of a landfill by reusing it and I am all for that!  Check it out here:

Let me know what you got for free or gave away for free by entering your comments below. 😉

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Just a Buck… Help me to keep finding GREAT deals! 😉
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