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Robotics – Intro To Microcontrollers

by on Jun.29, 2011, under Electronics, Microcontrollers, Picaxe



What is a microcontroller? Well, a microcontroller is a low-cost integrated circuit that contains memory, processing units, and input/output circuitry in a single package. Microcontrollers are purchased ‘blank’ and then programmed with a specific control program. Microcontrollers are usually programmed using the assembler, ‘C’, or Basic programming languages. Once programmed the microcontroller is build into a product to make the product more intelligent and easier to use. A quick look around your environment will provide you with a plethora of examples from computers, T.V.’s, microwave ovens, stoves, and even your car to name just a few. Practically every electronic device these days will contain at least one microcontroller, and sometimes more.

Similar to the microprocessor that powers your personal computer, microcontrollers are a specialized type of integrated circuit or “chip.” They are sometimes thought of as single chip computers because they incorporate circuitry such as timers and memory which are separate components in other microprocessor applications. For robotics they act as the brain of our projects and that of their embedded integrated sub-systems.

One of the most common types of microcontroller are the PIC family of microcontrollers by Microchip. PICAXE microcontrollers are, low-cost, re-programmable microcontrollers by Revolution Education Ltd. The PICAXE microcontroller is a PIC variant, a conventional PIC pre-programmed with a BASIC operating system. A PICAXE chip offers most of the control capabilities of a native PIC processor, but has almost no learning curve, requires no special hardware to program the chip, and is almost as inexpensive as unprogrammed PIC microcontrollers.

The vast majority of microcontoller projects you will find on my site that I will blog about are PICAXE microcontrollers from Revolution Education Ltd. Let us explore the PICAXE micocontoller further in my next post…Robotics – Intro To PICAXE

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Coupon sites and a free sample

by on Jun.24, 2011, under Couponing, Maegan's Deals

Coupons, Free Samples, sweepstakes and contests

Coupons, Free Samples, sweepstakes and contests

I have discovered there are three coupon sites that are a must have in any Canadian couponer’s arsenal of coupon resources. It is quick and easy to register for these websites using your email address and you get to choose which coupons you would like to receive. They then mail your coupons off to you. It’s fast too, they only take a couple weeks to arrive in your mail box – sometimes even less. The sites feature coupons for health and beauty items, cleaning products, pet food, grocery items and much more. The coupons change quite often so I check regularly to see what the new deals are.




Also in passing I came across a freebie from the company that makes Goodnights Underwear.  If you sign up at the following website they will send you a free sample containing two Goodnights underpants and a coupon for $1.50 off your next purchase. Since these Goodnights usually cost roughly a dollar each, that’s not a bad sample!


Don’t forget to register for this site so you can leave me a comment. Also, don’t forget to +1 on Google and ‘like’ my post on Facebook. Thanks :)

Just a Buck… Help me to keep finding GREAT deals! 😉

Check out the section ‘Maegan’s Deals’ for your links to deals, freebies, samples, and more…

Just ‘a buck’ 😉
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Canada to Switch to Plastic Money!

by on Jun.23, 2011, under Uncategorized

OK, well actually the term the Bank of Canada uses is polymer, not plastic, and although polymer is sometimes taken to refer to plastics, it actually encompasses a large class of natural and synthetic materials with a wide variety of properties. On June 20th the bank of Canada announced they will be releasing the $100 and $50 polymer bank notes in November 2011 and March 2012 respectively. They feature a number of innovative, high tech, and cool new security features not the least of which are the see through windows! Check out this video that show cases these improvements to Canada’s money.

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No jail time for taco bomber

by on Jun.22, 2011, under Uncategorized

This is an article about the bomber that placed a bomb and blew up a Taco Del Mar just as I drove my bus past it. I watched in my mirrors as the debris shot across the road just missing the back of my bus loaded with innocent passengers . This is his sentencing…

“An arsonist who blew up a Taco Del Mar on W. Broadway in 2008 received a sentence of two years house arrest less a day on Monday.

Kamaljeet Singh Josan received the conditional sentence,…”

For the complete story, please go here.

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Maegan’s Extreme Couponing…

by on Jun.21, 2011, under Couponing, Maegan's Deals

Okay everyone is talking about the new show on TLC called ‘Extreme Couponing’, even my chiropractor asked me if I had seen it!  So of course I had to jump on the extreme couponing band wagon.  So for a couple of months now I have been doing my research, and a lot of foot work, and finally on  Saturday I headed down to Shoppers Drug Mart for my first extreme couponing experience.  It was actually more of a ‘mini extreme couponing’ experience; much less ‘extreme’ really,… but it was a start.  There I was at the checkout, armed with my coupon organizer, and I was able get 3 boxes of Triscuits ($3.50 value each), a Glade sense and spray dispenser ($11.00 value) and a box of Oatmeal to Go granola bars ($3.50 value) for FREE!  It was only about $25 worth of stuff but I have to admit I found it absolutely exhilarating! Woot woot! :)

Today I took the coupons I had gathered and was able to get free boxes of Vector cereal ($5.00 value) and the new Chocolate Cheerios cereal($6.00 value).  The three boxes of Vector I ‘bought’ each have a coupon inside for a free box of Eggos (up to $3.00 value).  Sam finally convinced me to start blogging about the great deals I’m getting and where everyone else can get them too so here goes…

Here is the latest great deal I have discovered, its Kellogg’s new promo called  ‘wake up to a free breakfast’.  Check it out :

kelloggs-wake up to a free breakfast


And who hasn’t heard of the famous Atkins diet right? Well head on over to their website to sign up for the $300 Get Fit Kit draw and they will send you 2 coupons for a FREE ATKINS BAR ($2.50 value per bar).



Lastly here is a great little freebie for you ladies out there.  Sign up to receive your FREE Veet sample kit which includes: (1) large Veet® EasyGripTM body wax strip; one (1) small facial Veet® wax strip; and one (1) perfect finish wipe.  Offer is available until Aug 31/2011.

FREE Veet sample kit

Check “Maegan’s Deals” often for updates on new coupons and deals and happy extreme couponing!

Don’t forget to register for this site so you can leave me a comment. Also, don’t forget to +1 on Google and ‘like’ my post on Facebook. Thanks :)

Just a Buck… Help me to keep finding GREAT deals! 😉
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Vancouver Canucks fans riot – Raw video

by on Jun.16, 2011, under Uncategorized

Wednesday, June 15, 2011: Last night the Vancouver Canucks lost in game 7 of the Stanley Cup finals. Many fans took out their frustrations on our poor city by rioting and looting in the streets. Fires were set, cars and property were damaged, people were beaten. Watch raw video of the downtown Vancouver riots after game 7 of the Stanley Cup finals below. It was a shame that fans chose to riot instead of show good sportsmanship and congratulate the winning team. :(

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